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.... at a baltimore city school. sccool.this time a stuuent knife..... outtide of the ew police say the younggman who ssa classsatt while holling the &pknife. bbt he was not let administrators called pollce. &ppoliceeresponded but the student ran from the ssenee and police continue to investigate a stabbing inside a balitmmre city school yeeterday. it happened at "natiinal academy foundation old kiirra hayes who was carrying cake and balllonss.. was buuzed into the building... to surprise her sister.but instead of goong to the front office... hayes went offfciaas say she wwa carrying a knife. when hayes was confronted by a school administrator-- they say, she school immediitely went into (parent) "its ridiculous something needs to happen nd poming off the incident in newtown aay pprent any eal concerned about whats going on far as their child" no students were hurt during &pthis incident... but the school adminnstrator was sent to the hospital. afterrthose incidents..... and the shooting in of questions tonight &pconcerriigg ecuriiy inside baltiiore city public schools.
, .../// no... 3 one was hurtt new tooight...a milestonn for the baatimore city police depa. department.. " i'm very thankffu to these officers" batts joined the mayor and ny other police officers just over annhour ago to mark the one-thousandth iilegal gun this year. it happened during the arrest of a uspect in a home invasion in northwest baltimore tonight.during a news conference after the incident... the commissioner pnd he mayor thhnked officers &pfor their commitment to crime fightiig. a former frostburg state university student pleads &pguilty to second degree murde. she killed a ellow student who grew up in bbatimmre. baltimore..anice park live tonight outside pply high school, with what happened in . ccurt.jeff,kortneigh mccoy prepared for college at this school and had big plans forr the fuuure, but it all ended in tragedy. today her killlr...shanee ligginssmade a deal with the state...these court docuuents how that she was charged with second deggee murder, assauut and reckless endangerment.but they were aal dropped in exchange for her guilty murder plea.
... - time,.../ contractorr... services... to the city.../. fox 45... has... learned... city inspector... requested ... dozens of invoices... for contractors ... working ...for theemayor.... it's... the... same office... that sparkedda war of words... bbtween the mayor... and... city comptroller... about... wasteful spenddng... on baltimore's... phone systee..../ tooight... an... advvcate for inority businessess../for inority busiiesses.../ says... a... √°broader√°... investigation... is overdue. 1:51:03"it adds up to taxpayer for tte law."ithout regardss law." the... rrport ...released ... this year... on speeding../ the... office... declined to comment... on the current invessigation join... our wasse watch. if... you see government waste.. call... our hooline.. 410-662-1456. or... go to fox- baltimore dot com...///. you... can reed... about a mulli-billion homeland security grant .... that's... being pay for ... 13- snowcooe... machines... in... one state. new... fox../..
by the baatimore oriolee. dionne cconkey, city of baltimore:"without t, ttere's a possiblity ittwouldn't happpn."the o'ssare the primary sponsorr.. for a show that costs as much as 60 thousand dollars to put on. ryan o'neil, pyrotecnico: "everything's all sscipted to music, ttat way, that ay ii alllgoes off at certain expect orange and white bombs 3 bursttng in air... to the ttne of orioles magic.dionne mcconkey, city of baltimore:"stay over in hotels, shop downtoww, eattat restaurants, so it'' very pyrotecnico:"theee are part oo actually ll wired ttgether to go off of one squib." balttmorr's new year's eve fireworks show is more than 30 years old.dionne mmconkey, cityyof baltimore:"it adds to tte holiday and makes it extra speccal."paul gesslee, reporttr: "as for a timelinee thooe barges will leave curtis bay by midday. thhe will be pere in the harbor by sundown. and the fireworks will beein , - promptty at midnight. foo now, we areereporting frrm the the m-t-a metro and light raii serrices ill e extended another hour tomorrow night. today was a really windy daa in baltimore. flags and tr
by 185151 -3 185151&p3 on hills all over the city, families and their kids took advantage of the latest winter 3 decided to cooe to patterssn &ppark when they saw the snow falling. they only had a couule of hours to enjoy it in baltimore, but that was more than enough time for somee seriius sledding. p the city wasn't the only ppace ppople were enjoying today's - snowfall.janice parkkshows us folks in finksburg emmracce sevvral inches of snnw. snow. & 3 "hi karen...latest winter blast" 3 you can hear the faint screams - of sledders...enjoying the iiches of snow ddmped on - finkkburg today: today: 3 for the fletcher faaily...finksburg is a far cry frrm where they live 3 california. &pp3 whileesnow ttpically brings a messy commute...a saturday snow along with clear rrads & meanttthat the snow was - welcomed today::- toddy:"waan't snowing till i -3 got my cup of coffee looked like i was getting out for a plttle sledding"so today, wass instead all about spending time wwth family:who sometimes you love to hate::- hate:"it looked like stuuf" stuuf" 3 and making
....baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake, but crime and ustice reeorter joy lepolaasays the city's murder & numbers are n the rise againn.. 3 pdespite some of the toughest guns laassin the nation..--3 natton. 3 ((pkg)) over the weekend.... -3 ttis was theescene in baltiiore city as hundreds of guns were turned in aa part of p buypack prrggam. ((nat pop of twenty guage froo gun is ranked 7th among tte top pen most danggeous citiessin already more than 2-hundred &ppeople have been murdered in 3 before the new year is usheredd in. despitt... that.... maryland'' gun lawssaar ammng -& the mmst stringent in the united states. 1:45:36 i don't know how youuget anymore strict than maryalnd already -3 is.mike horst is gun shop owner innharford county.while tragedy that ccured inn connecticut....:41:21 e had -& no usiness havvng access to any fiiearr. horst doesn't - annwer.1::8:32 i'd like t ee more done to bring mmetal --3 health issue brought to tte forefront and deelt with. in - maryllndd... the state policee maintain liss of regulated firrarms
thhse shootings in baltimore city are done by people who are on parole with - guns so what my bill does itt says that if yyu commit a crime with a gun and you go to jail you can't have parole yoo can't get out earry underrany circumstannes." 3 no word... on when... or if... these bills... will go into effect. 3 a woman is accuued of using -3 the newtown school massaare to scam people out of oney. money. 37 year old nouel alba of the bronx was released toddy on 50 thousand dollars bond. the fbi says she setup an acccunt aad cllimed to be the relative -3 of one oo the young hooting victims. she asked people for donations toohelp pay for a young boy's funeral and claimed she was an aunt hannling the accountt the fbi says she lied when confronted with a charge which carries five years and a 3 3 3 new york... police... arrest a woman... they buy... tte gunn... used to murder... two... firefighters... monday. monday. 4-year-old... awn wynn.... is... facing....felony & charges... for
maryland staae pooicc... are... on the ssreett oo paltimore tonight helping city officers tackle highhcrime areas../ areas... thh troopers have been walking citt ssreets since mmd-september. theyywere n west baltimmre last night. they've also hhlped tackll the.. greenmmunt corridor... where reactioo is mixed. 3 p"it looks like uu community ii uuder seege......" seige....... 3 "all the crimmethat's going on in bbltimore ccty, that's a big help.." hell.." 3 "i mean when i see a trooper, i would say busiiess i would say top of the line...i would say not playinggno games." games." pollce sayythh ttropers will helppboost nights. theyysay the & officers will aaso have access to state police licenne-plate reader technnoogy. 3 he... fbi... -3 prrests an... after... explosives... are found... at tth university of maryland. john ... jenkins... is. charged with... two... felony counns ...of... building a omb...///. pomb...///. pooicee...iscoveeed the device inside a van on the
-- across the baltimore city llne-- is rarely see trouble.catty - patton, baltiioreeco. police: "our officers check on busiiesses that are open during the miinight shift s 3 however, at this point we doo & not know...why he was therr." police say they asked the man - to leave.cathy batton, - bbltimore co. police: "he apporachhd the man, skkd him po ome outtfrom behind the business. the man refusedd displayed a kkife and pointed -&pit at the officcr."paul gessler, reporter: "but, the taser apparently did not work. & at that oint, police tell us thh suspeet charggd thh officer with his kniff. it was then the officer pulled oot his reel gun and shot him"the man-- identifiid as gregory sttgalll- died from one 3 ptegall died at st agnes hospital.heewas 36 yyars old. meanwhile, the officer is onn administrative fox45 nees at ten. 3 a teen accused of & shooting an off duty police officee earlier this oonh has . 18-year-old michael jah-bah-tty is charggd with attempped murder after police sayyhe shot annofficee ttice in ove
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9